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Minibager DELEKS® CF10 hydraulické strihacie kliešte pre minibager 100% HARDOX

1440,00 € Bez DPH: 1200,00 €


DELEKS® hydraulic felling shear + grapple - Italian production - 100% Hardox, steel blade hardened, for cutting and handling logs and trees up to ø 10 cm.



CF-10 is ideal for harvesting low-grade timber and energy wood, for clearing fields and roadsides.

The DELEKS® mini-excavator hydraulic shear is capable of cutting trees or bunching thinner woods together with the grab for cutting.  The shear has a powerful hardened blade that will cleanly and safely cut through timber. 

Available with excavator couplings (on request).

The shear is available as fixed or full 360 degree rotate by hydraulic rotator to de-limb trees or cut fallen timber. 

Plate attachment measurements: See drawing C





Made from 100% HARDOX for maximum torsion resistance.


Knife – Made in Italy, hardened 43 HRC.


Hydraulic cylinder especially designed for this use with reinforced bottom to bear hight loads (see drawing A).



Pins in special material 42CrMo4 of ø30 and ø35 mm (see drawing B).


It is simple to attach and use.

CF-10 is the smallest shear of the range, and its light weight allows to the mini excavator to maintain its capacity. 

Cutting at the ground level > low stump: DELEKS® CF-10 cuts the wood to be harvested neatly and precisely at the desired point from ground level, and its technical features ensure that stumps are cut low, at ground level.

2-in-1: cutting and loading: if necessary, the cutting blade can be removed, in which case the tree shear acts as a wood grapple.







Characteristic Units metric
Weight 52.0 kg
Trunk cutting diameter 90-120 mm
Min./Max. Relief Pressure 150 - 210 bar
Min./Max. Flow 8+ l/min
Hydraulic Hoses 400 bar pressure
Max Opening 540.0 mm
Hydraulic cilinder diameter 80.0 - 35.0 mm
Compact Excavators Range 1.0 - 2.0 ton
Packing sizes 600.0*800.0*450.0 mm


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