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Pieskovačka mobilná - TORBO XL-XLS - mokré pieskovanie

  • Kód produktu: TORBO XL-XLS
  • Dostupnosť: dostupné

THE Giants XL-XLS series

When more is needed!

The devices of this series are at their best tackling any task.

Combined with the efficiency of the system, high area coverage and low consumption are the results.

torbo XL

Strong and economical

Our XL version has enough power for any refurbishment and can do with less blasting media than you think. It shows its strength during concrete and steel refurbishment.

Removal of concrete slurry • Removal of old coatings of paint • Roughening and descaling of steel • Working at great heights

The torbo XL masters these tasks with ease and leaves less waste to be disposed of.

Tank volume

240 l

Compressed air connection


Compressed air connection

530 cfm

(15,0 m³/min) max.


Up to 95% less dust • Up to 60% savings in blasting media • Change of elevation up to 200 m • high degree of performance readiness

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