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Plynový generator ZENESSIS - ESE 25 PSI 26 kW

  • Kód produktu: ESE 25 PSI
  • Dostupnosť: Dostupné

23400,00 € Bez DPH: 19500,00 €

výrobca Zenessis

Palivo Plyn

Prúd 41.8 A

Výkon (kVA) 32 / 28,8

Výkon (kW) 25.6 / 23


Model PSI
Model 2.4 L
No. of cylinders & arrangement 4-in line
Injection system Natural aspiration
Cooling system With liquid
Maximum standby power (kWm) 23,47
Speed (rpm) 1500
Cylinders (l) 2,4
Inside diameter & stroke (mm) 86,5 x 100
Compression factor 9,5 : 1
Regulator Electronic
Total oil capacity (l) 4,25
Engine cooling agent capacity (l) 8,6
Fuel consumption at 100 % prime load (kg/hr) NG/LP 5,7/6,56


Model MXB-E 180 XS4 or ECO 25 KW
Frequency (Hz) 50 Hz
Concept Brushless, 4 poles
Phases 3 + n
Voltage (V) 400 / 230
Insulation class H
Excitation system Electronic
Performance 93%
Protection IP23
Test Certification EN 10204 : 2001


1. Left button
2. Right button
3. Horn Reset button
4. Fault Reset button
5. Up button
6. Page button
7. Down button
8. Enter button
9. Start button
10. Stop button
11. GCB button. Works in MAN and TEST modes only 12. MCB button. Works in MAN and TEST modes only
12. MCB button. 12. MCB button. Works in MAN and TEST modes only
13. Generator status indicator
14. GCB On. Green LEDs are on if GCB is closed and Gen-set is healthy
15. Load
16. Graphic B/W display, 132 x 64 pixeli
17. Mains status indicator
18. MCB On. The green LEDs are “on” when the MCB is closed and the network is within the preset parameters.

Made in metal box, IP54 degree, with lock. The control panel is equipped with the
control ComAp AMF25, equipped with the possibility of starting and stopping the generating set, both in automatic mode and in
electric module. The control module monitors the power grid and can command and control the AAR panel (automatic reserve release).

◆ Standard control panel specifications:
The command and control panel is mounted inside the enclosure, in a metal box with IP 54, provided with glass.
for viewing, equipped with:

ComAp AMF 25 command module
Static battery charger
Emergency stop button & circuit breaker fuses circuit control
Overcurrent differential protection
Protection relays
1. ComAp AMF25 command module
2. Circuit Breaker protection
3. Locks
4. Alarm
5. START button ON / OFF
6. Hinges
7. Maintenance schedule
8. Metal box

◆ Standard specifications of the control module:

  • Microprocessor control
  • 132 x 64 pixeli LCD display
  • Programming on front panel as well as through PC software
  • Control buttons and soft touch navigation
  • Remote communication via USB or with optional modules via RS232, RS485, Ethernet or SMS
  • Store 180 events with date and time
  • Maintenance programming 3 levels
  • Engine heater control – optional
  • Displays:
    Engine: engine speed; oil pressure; coolant temperature; running time; battery voltage; maintenance date.
    Alternator: voltage (L – L, L – N); current (L1 – L2 – L3); frequency, active power kW, apparent power kVA, reactive power kVA r, power factor, phase sequence.
    Main network: voltage (L – L, L – N); frequency; prepared main network; uncoupled main network; prepared genset; uncoupled genset, , active power kW, apparent power kVA, reactive power kVA r, power factor, phase sequence.
  • Warnings:defective battery charging, low battery voltage, failed shutdown, overload, phase reversal, speed sensor fault.
  • Alarms: low oil pressure, high engine temperature, under/over temperature, under/overfrequency, under/overvoltage, ECU fault-optional.
  • Status displays: missed start, emergency stop, low oil pressure, high engine temperature, under/overload, under/overfrequency, under/overvoltage, oil fault sensor, phase rotation, overload, group overcurrent, phase reversal.
    ◆ Static battery charger: made with TSD technology, high efficiency. Protected for short- circuit currents, it can be used as a current source, input voltage 196-264 V, output voltage 27.6 V / 5A or 13.8 V / 5A.
    ◆ Standards:
    Electrical safety / EMC, BS EN 60950; BS EN 60950 – 6 – 2 EMC; BS EN 61000 – 6 – 4 EMC.


Made of galvanized steel, painted in electrostatic field, soundproofed. It is modularly designed with
access doors inside on all sides of the generator. The exhaust pipe is a residential type, mounted in
inside the housing.
The housings are designed to optimise cooling of the engine and alternator assembly and can be fitted in
outdoor, providing protection against the weather, and low noise. Painting is carried out
with polyurethane paint with UV protection.

1. Command module
2. View window
3. Access door for control module
4. Points for crane lifting (optional)
5. Spaces for forklift handling
6. Engine and alternator access door
7. Air intake grills
8. Handles provided with locks
9. Sled type chassis equipped with eyelets
10. Damage button
11. Exhaust gas outlet flap
12. Cable access space
13. Hot air exhaust grille
14. Protective pads

Dimensions & Weight

Opened generator sizes & weight

Sizes (length x width x height) (mm) 1600 x 900 x 1615
Weight (kg) 560
Ambient noise level (at 7 m distance) 82 db

Closed generator sizes & weight

Sizes (length x width x height) (mm) 1870 x 1010 x 1415
Weight (kg) 750
Ambient noise level (at 7 m distance) 70 db

Standard features

Control & command panel with metal measuring & control devices, IP 54 protection rating
Static battery charger
Dynamic alternator charging batteries ori
Controlled thermostat heater for coolant
Oversized start battery
Emergency stop button
Flameproof and soundproof insulation
Vibration dampers
Residential silencer
Electrical lines protected with tubing & gland
Protective pads
Metal hinges
Access doors with locks
Crane or forklift handling system

Optional features

Anti-condensation heating system. electrical panels
Oil heating system
Coolant heating circulation pump
Oil drain pump
Motorized ATS, ENDRESS patented invention – OSIM patent 00048 / 2015
AAR transfer panel with 3/4 poles
3/4 pole differential protection
Sokets 400 V/ 230 V
Liquid retention tray
Liquid leakage detection sensor
Remote monitoring & control system
Intake air heating spark plug
Forklift pocket system integrated in the chassis
Fire extinguisher with internal housing support
Super soundproof housing
Interior lightings with switches operated at doors opening
Bypass panel – ENDRESS patented invention – OSIM patent 00010 / 2012
Start by remote control
Groundless protection
Grounding electrodes
Fire extinguishing system with inert gas
Mobile distribution panel with 4 sockets
Cable reel
Fire detector with automatic shutdown generator set


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